Evaluation and Treatment

Complete musculoskeletal analysis and consultation of your area of pain or injury. Treatment performed same day of evaluation and a plan of care is established for subsequent treatment as needed

Treating musculoskeletal conditions of the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankle, foot

McKenzie trained for treatment of the spine

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Running Gait Analysis

Analysis includes video recording of you running, measurement of joint angles and limb positions from multiple angles at various points during your stride, and a detailed review of your mechanics with a physical therapist. Gait re-training conducted as needed to improve your mechanics and help you avoid injury. 

If you have pain: A detailed history of your issue is gathered, a complete orthopedic evaluation is performed, and your running gait is analyzed by a physical therapist. 

If you DON’T have pain: A brief history and orthopedic examination is performed followed by an analysis of your running gait by a physical therapist.

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Blood Flow Restriction

Utilizing the Smart Cuff® Pro blood flow restriction cuffs, we take advantage of the metabolic effects of blood flow restriction to utilize a relatively light load while getting high intensity benefits. This can be crucial for breaking through plateaus when managing injuries. As we can get the benefits of high intensity exercises with out aggravating injured tissue.

Community Events

Who better to spread health and wellness knowledge in communities than physical therapists? Dr. Michael Cortese goes to various fitness spaces, fitness club meetings, events, and races to promote health and help the community. Health workshops, injury prevention screens, leading warm ups and cool downs, meet-the-doc events, traditional presentations are just a few of the many ways Dr. Michael spreads health information.

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